Student with dyslexia needs tested by Oklahoma public school

Parent has mentioned several times to school staff over the years how the child has dyslexia; the school responds with “we’ll do strategies to help him” and “we’ll wait and see how he does”. rsz_parapro2-199x300

The US Dept of Education clarified to states and school districts’ their obligation to not ignore parents who indicate dyslexia:

Advocates at the IEP Center™ can share with parents strategies on how to deal with scenarios like this.  Schools may be reluctant to develop an IEP for your child since it might require a specialist to spend time with your child which increases the school expenses.  Don’t be bamboozled!  the-iep-center

To contact an advocate by e-mail at theIEPCenter™, complete the form below.  SEPAL advocates can go to school (IEP) meetings with parents.

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