Oklahoma student to repeat first grade; learning disabilities unaddressed

Parents call me describing how they have tried to get the public school to help their child for YEARS!  Usually they talk to staff at the school who brushes off the parent with comments like “he’ll grow out of it”, “wait and see“, or “we’ll test the kids in the fall”.  Then years pass and the student is so far behind and frustrated resulting in emotional and social issues becoming a problem. rsz_puzzlepiecewitheye-300x300

Parents who suspect a child is struggling at public school need to communicate it in writing or e-mail to the special ed director. As a result, many schools will then include the child in use of interventions.  If after a few weeks of intervention no progress is indicated, a parent should insist and request a comprehensive evaluation in all areas of suspected disability.  The public school district usually is required to perform testing when checking for “suspected disability” (sometimes schools will lead the parent to believe it’s the parent’s responsibility).   A reasonable person would believe that a school district would know to do these things without the parents insistence!

Some districts are difficult to work with, and make it difficult for parents to navigate.  Parents can take more control!   That’s where the advocates at The IEP Center ™ can help. We help parents over the phone, and, often in one hour empower the parent!   Don’t let another semester go by with a child struggling needlessly;   Set a phone consult at   www.theiepcenter.com the-iep-center (800x640)

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We help parents at low-cost.  We help parents prepare for school meetings and also go to mediation and IEP meetings with parents.  Go to our website to set a telephone consult.
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